Friday, 31 August 2007

On the Road!

Car is back. Huge gaping holes where the Advan wheels should be. So they will be filled asap.

For now its front pics only!


Wednesday, 29 August 2007

666 + F-111 = 777

Check it out brah! All back together.

Take the Devil (666). Add a slice of General Dynamics F-111 and you get a bit of what this car is like.

It definately wont be long until the green mist lifts and the midnight machine of death is let out on the streets. If you were wondering about whether the car will be a subtle or in your face machine. Well all I can say is "Its subtly in your face."

Sorry for pic quality -- still using my phone camera. 3.1mega pixels of rubbish.


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Carbon Hood 9 - Fortunatly.

My RE-Amemiya Carbon Hood 9 arrived today also at Newera, so I went by to pick it up.
Just a little distraction in the driveway.... No it's no mirror. There are two Fortune FDs in this picture, each just as fat as the other!!!!!
Anyway, Back to the bonnet, The RE-A quality is not perfect. The carbon is quite thin and the way its moulded around the rear vents in the bonnet is not so good. There is a cut in the carbon in places that looks a bit ratty. It came with hood pins, but I am not going to fit them. Maybe I'll get some of those Aero catch things.
I was going to use an old hood from one of these Fortune cars and blend it to the standard hood, but the venting isn't so large and I need all the cooling I can get.



Cue the highlander theme music by Queen. "I want it all.... I want it now..."

Takahashi's paint work with his weapon of choice "the spray gun" is fantastic. But it will take more than my poor quality camera phone to show anything like that. Where's Dino Dalle Cabonare when you need him.

I'll have to wait until its clean and out in the open, but its coming together.

Guards are fitted. Front Bar, Rear Bar, Hatch, Spoiler and Sleek light inners are all painted now and cured so thats all the paint work done. I was going to get the sleek lights done in black, but they painted them in green. It's OK though because the colour is dark enough for them to still look awesome.

Its hard to show the colour because it really depends on lighting. Sometimes it just looks black but in the sun's reflection its AWESOME!


Monday, 20 August 2007

Paint, Paint, Paint

Well, the final preparation was being done last Tuesday. So I went off to check it out today.

Here is a sneak peak of the front fender. Hard to tell the colour, but OMG! its nice.

The revised deadline is "When it's done it's done."


Monday, 6 August 2007

Tick tick tick

As time passes while the car was delayed. Not much activity to report. Basically the car is still in preparation mode.
The clock ticks down to the 20th. Which is my new expected delivery date.

How do I pass the time. Build another car you say. Thats right! a 1/24 replica.

The Fujimi Plastic G9 kit is a bit of a pig but it allows me to vent in some way.