Thursday, 19 March 2009

RE-Xtreme II Revisited

RE-Xtreme II Revisited!

40000klms away in another continent, insertion of a freshly sculptured key unlocks the cage. A deep muffled growl emits from the finely tuned beast. A few raspy depressions of throttle stir the industrial dogs into a frenzy. As it exits it's cold sterile lair, it's new owner's heart pounds in his chest. It's slow exit ensures the hunter's teeth are not damaged on the cage door. Onto the street lurks this sinister machine, stalking the night streets looking for another FEED.

Anyway, The new owner has hooked up the fog lamps which look great and look awesome in tandem with the sleek lights.
In Black and White the car reveals its grim reeping image (which is what I invisaged a long time ago.) I wanted kind of the ultimate James Bond - RX7 ... Classy right up to the point where it takes any target's life. Mission accomplished I feel.

So I'm slowly forgetting about the FD and moving on. Then recently I get pics of both my old cars and Dino gives me some new magazines with my old car featured. It's a conspiracy!

Maybe I'll buy this.... R-Magic Special... NOT!
Don't even tempt me...., my roadster seems to be heading the same direction anyway.

Magazine Features

Finally got some magazines from the magicial man "Dino". Thanks for the nice write up too!
Looks great on the pages. Ahhhhhh the memories.
Check out HPI Australia 100th Issue. or ADDX France 86th Issue