Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Advan & Fender

Advan RS + Advan Neova are Mounted! And the verdict is in that they look awesome!

I picked them up this afternoon and Miguel and I couldn't resist a test fit. I didn't have the spacers, but there should be enough room to house these puppies. yummy yummy!

When we dropped past the workshop, the rear fender inners were done so we whacked them on. With the wheels on without spacers they almost fit flush with the standard body. now slightly flared. + 25 mm spacer should push them out perfectly for the +20mm fenders.

I don't know who is more excited me or super smiley, Miguel. Big thanks for transporting wheels around all day. Progressing along nicely. Now the wheels are at home again away from the dirty paint shop.

Cant wait.... Russ.

Wing and Mirrors

Ordered another round of parts today to finish the body.

Craft Square Touring Competition Mirrors ( TC-F ) with the GT Stickers
These will be mounted on the window corner triangles, not on the doors. Holes to be filled.

Auto Exe rear wing. FD-02 (MFD-2600) adjustable GT Wing.

This wing has been wind tunnel tested and produces the following results.

Coeficient of Drag (CD). - Coeficient of Lift (CL) rear specified

Wind Tunnel Test CD CL(r)
Standard Mazda Wing 0.351 0.001
FD-02 (WING LOW) 0.373 0.008
FD-02 (WING MID) 0.380 -0.047
FD-02 (WING HIGH) 0.389 -0.103

The car will have classic styling so an all out GT wing is out of the question. I also wanted to colour code this to the car, so its the perfect choice.
I also ordered some clear winkers for the sides. Should be here in a few days.


Rear Fenders & Colour

Progress on the rear fenders has commenced and is almost complete, I am dropping off my rims and tyres today to get fitted, but I probably wont stick them on until later. Inner lip is not entirely flat but will definately have enough space for the rims. Other side should be finished in the afternoon.

I also went theough the paint cards and chose a colour. Mazda Metallic Highland ( British Racing ) Green. This colour is available on new MX-5 in Japan. Should be stunning.


Monday, 28 May 2007

The Paint Shop

Here's a link to the work shop where my car is being transformed.


Should be good!


Test Fitting

The front bumper is on for test fitting, the lines are pretty good shape wise but the joins are a bit different. I guess thats what happens when you mix and match. Its pretty close and I'm sure the end result will still be awesome.
The left rear fender is cut away and filled and the rear fender was being fitted. I have to return tomorrow so I'll check on the progress then. I removed the Mazdaspeed rims and now there's actually my old FD's standard rear wheels on there. Strange how things happen.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

New Bumper and Paint

My new RE-Amemiya Facer 9 bumper arrived today. Right on time like RE-Amemiya and Newera said it would. It's a work of art. Big gaping hole should be enough for cooling anything and everything.

Lights are IPF driving lights and there is a small light in the driving lights for park lighting. Carbon ends look cool and the finish is really good. Installation should be spot on, But as my car doesn't have the standard driving lights, I'll have to get the switch harness. It has had some kind of driving light set up previously cause there is a Raybrig hid kit in there but its not connected. See what happens there.

I didnt take any pictures because I forgot to take my camera. Doh. I have to go back soo though.

Anyway, Rather than cart it around town back to my place then cart it somewhere else later, I/We = Miguel and I decided to take the car directly to the paint shop and unload everything there. So basically, I am carless while the transformation takes place.

They are going to take their time and do everything right, and the list is long so it will be about 8 weeks. I didn't care about time.

Front Bumper - Prep / Paint
Feed Front Fenders - Trim / Paint / Install / Inners Modified
Door - Fill mirror holes / Remove stone guard / Fix small pin dent x 2 / Paint
Original Rear Fender - Cut and flare body up to inner level / Weld and water seal.
Feed Rear Fenders - Prep / Install (no blending) / Paint
Rear Hatch - Remove spoiler holes - Paint
Rear Bumper - Remove Badges / Paint
Body - Remove aerial / Prep / Paint
Roof - Prep / Paint
Rear Wing - Prep / Paint
And a few tiny bits and pieces to clean up.

I am going to replace the window seals so they can also be painted properly.
Lights and Bonnet will be replaced so these will stay Black for now.

Final colour has not been decided but I have a bit of time.

Next step will be to order the Auto Exe rear wing so it can be painted with the car.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Advan Neova

Ordered the Advan Neova AD07 today.

Size is 255/35/18 all round. So they are kind of interchangeable.

They should offer enough grip if the RE-Amemiya Touge Monster is anything to go by. The Feed car had 500 horsepower and lights them up no problems as do most D1 drift cars, but the RE-A Car seems to get plenty of go forward. I have the same amount of power so they should suit fine. Fronts will be interesting to see how much they hold the road.

Just gotta wait for them now then I can drift it up like My FD 120% Drift Hero "Asamoto" or go flat out like My Other FD Track&Drift Hero "Taniguchi". Please watch the Neova Promo to see what I mean.

Also ordered a few little parts from Mazda. My bonnet cable snapped a couple of weeks back and its just holding together with a couple of cable ties, so I got one of them coming. I also ordered some more plastic clips for the fender inners as most are stuffed.

Also ordered a TRUST GReddy Oil sensor attachment so I can finish the defi gauge install.


Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Daikoku Futo

Went for a cruise down to daikoku to meet the guys from the GTROC club in Japan. The Immortal GTR club was also there and Three 2001 Model Bathurst R FD3s Rx7s.

Testing My Defi Boost Guage and just go for a drive. I am pretty happy with how the car is running at the moment. Must finish installing the parts now.

Thanks to HyRev for the pics. For more check out GTROC Forums.


Defi Mounted

Ran some of the wiring today and mounted the Defi guages. Didn't have time to finish running the oil sensors though. I'll wait until the Oil Meter Block arrives before I do that now.

Still need to make a new speaker cover but for now they are in. I wanted a floating design.
Also moved the control unit to the glove compartment.

Boosting to just over 1.0 - 1.1bar or 15-16psi so there is plenty of power.

I'll post a pic of white illumination & operation soon.


Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Feed Front Fenders

Fitted the Feed Front Fenders

Only painful process was removing the guard inners. The fenders fit very well.
I wanted to do the front bar at the same time so there will be some re-fit soon.
Very sweet fit. Panel gaps are good. No fouling of the popup lights. (even though they will be replaced)

Still need to "process" the fender lips and fabricate the guard inner liners.
Many broken plastic tabs that will need replacing on the inners to refit some plastic shrouds for the oil coolers.

Ran the wiring for the Defi Boost Gauge through the right hand side guard.
Plugged in and tested OK.
Replaced the Defi Temperature Guage for BF item.
Need to replace the Control Unit before the illumination works properly.