Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Super Autobacs Adventure

Quick blast out to Super Autobacs in Naganuma , North of Chiba. good place to hang out at the sevens meeting. The car really doesn't scream attention. It kind of gets lost in the car park. But there were still heaps of people taking pictures of it. All eyes turned when I drove in.
For me the car has a few niggles so I don't think it's as good as it is. It drives fantastic. bags of power and really smooth gearbox and new clutch is great.
I should have got some pics parked next to the touge cars, but maybe next time. More pics on this post on the main blog.
BTW, the new Nardi feels great and grips well.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Nardi. Classic Style.

The latest addition to the FD3s Project is this interior upgrade. The slight Leyland Mini "Retro" influence is still coming through. This tasty item is a Nardi Classic 360mm. Finished in suede leather, it looks great on the car. A subtle highlight that looks as if it should be there.

The Momo Falcon wheel really didn't suit the black interior as the wheel was grey. This 360mm classic design looks the goods and feels great. It's a tiny bit bigger than a standard wheel, but my steering boss hasa 20mm spacer already so it sits in nicely.
Next replace the ugly Veilside gear knob with a standard looking ATC suede item similar to Key!s racing without the crazy lettering.

To get your own Nardi classic. Visit Newera Parts. This is not a new item and the wheel actually has a bit of a story behind it. But thats another post...


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Lock down!

Finished installing the bonnet pins today. I ran the wiring for my Defi guages and tried to fix the Defi Control Unit II (many pins broken on some connections) so I can install them, but my soldering attempts didn't solve the provlem, So I will fork out some cash for a new control unit.

A quick wash has the beast looking good again and ready for action. Now how can I stop that squaking from the pins... must be rubbing somewhere...


Monday, 12 November 2007

RE-Xtreme Chop

A little bit of photochopping while i wait for a few more purchases. Increased wheel size and colour. Thats All. I wish Advan made bronze RS Advan.