Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Fuji Speedway

Here is the car in attack mode. I couldn't get number 7 for the side :(
But the car really looked good.

Performed well. Temps just creeping up when attacking very very hard. Need some proper ducting under the bonnet.

Other than that, it was a lot of fun. Hours of playing GT5 paid off as the line was embedded in my brain. Fuji is an awesome circuit. Feels very safe and it was a good shakedown for my car.

Stay tuned for some video and more pics.


Fuji Speedway Video


Here is the video I edited that Steve took of Newera's AE86 and My FD @ FSW at a Nishiki track day in April 2008.

I'll move it back down to april 08 after a while. I'll just make it visible for now.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Preparation - II

Brake Fluid - New

Brake Pads - Purchased as a spare set

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Preparation - I

Tidy up of some things that were irritating me or forgotten.

Light Covers - Secure

Master Cylinder Brace - Secure

Front Under Tray - Secure
Almost ready.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Canon IXY

Testing the new Canon IXY IS25

It's 10.0 Mega Pixels.

I tried them all but this one is the fastest to focus and take a picture.

And it was only 300 dollars.

Takes a pretty good pic too!


Thursday, 17 April 2008

Carbing Bling

Well the Carbing 3 point brace is on. Thanks to Miguel again for tools and gentle fitting technique. :) We recently ordered two. He already fitted his to the black Main Newera Demo car below. We also trimmed the engine damper rod for fitment and clearance.

Other than that, I still need to adjust the brake master cylinder brace... Forgot about that... hehe.

Drives much nicer now the strut towers aren't trying to meet in the middle and feels stiff again.
It also clears my RE-Amemiya AD hood 9 with water trays installed, which was the main reason for purchase.

Now I need to get polishing because everything else is very very ugly under there.


Thursday, 10 April 2008

Daikoku Futo

Went down to Daikoku to meet the fellows in Japan. A small turnout but still fun. Did some Rajidori.

This shot of my car shows how absolutly huge the GTR 35 is. I parked far enough away as not to scratch anything.


Friday, 4 April 2008

Under Construction

Here are some shots from a construction site.

Kind of fitting for the point in time.

The car was almost but not quite finished.

Looking good. It's all in the detail.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Clean and Polish

Miguel from Newera is a great motivator. He gets me to the stuff I have been putting off for a long time. After installing the radio, I gave it a wash and polish.

It has been almost 6 months since the car has seen polish so this was a bit of hard work.
Some more frequent cleaning is on the cards.

I then took the car for a small photoshoot of which I will post pictures soon. Check out the camera starbursts in this shot...


Stereo Install

My new head unit came today. It is a Carrozzeria DEH-P530 or Pioneer in the normal world. It has multi colour changing display so you can match your interior. Red Blue White... I might do a combo to match the defi's

It also has Ipod and USB reading and control facilities. And it looks cool. Very simple design. Easy to clean etc.

I was lucky here also becuase the previous stereo was the same brand so it plugged straight in, so I finished in 20 mins.

Neova Fitting

I took the car to have the tyre fitted near my house. I was lucky because the inside of the tyre was munched from driving a small way on the FLAT. So It was definitely a good decision to get a new tyre.
The guys were friendly at the Bridgestone place. I got a couple of pics of the rear Aragosta and Cusco Bars that are now on the car.


Wednesday, 2 April 2008


A small interior update with the addition of the atc suede Sprint gear knob. It looks excellent and matches the interior well, But.

This one is very light and I'm not sure if I prefer the older heavy Veilside one. May have to think about some options here.

New stereo ordered (MD currently doesn't play anything) so I may have some CD tunes pumping soon.


Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Less is more.

One benefit of the new suspension is that I reduced the ride height. It was sitting a bit high. I also removed the rear spacers. Wheels now sit comfortably on the rear, but I may add a small spacer just for looks more than anything.

Feed's recommendation of 18x10+25 and a 25mm spacer is no where near suitable. maybe 10mm is ok.