Sunday, 13 January 2008

Flat TAS a tac.

Went Tokyo Auto Salon 2008. The event was awesome.

This RX8 looked good in my colour scheme. Should I add silver graphics??


I went to Daikoku afterwards. Scoot was there with the 4 rotor.

Got a puncture on the way!!! GRRRR!!! A 2 inch piece of metal through the tyre.

Thanks to Miguel for the 600 yen pump and repair kit, and also to Claus for help with the repair.

Tyre has a golf ball spot on the sidewall, so I guess it's toasted. I wouldn't like to push it. I guess a new tyre is on order.. Especially after the repair.


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

RE-Xtreme II Replica Paint

Modelling in putty at 1/24 is a pain. The body has taken its' final shape. ( Well, as much as it's going to be.) Some small imperfections but the darkness of the paint hides a lot. It really looks the same as my real car. I have made a rear wing to match also, but I forgot to paint that... doh!

Mr Colour. added the green and its as dark as the real car. Finally coming together.
In between the Project II Build, I am also building a Project I Replica. RE-AD GT Wide body with C-West front end and sleepy eye headlights. The body of this one was fairly simple as it's just matching two fairly similar Aoshima kits. There was a huge gap between the bonnet and front bumper but that was taken care of. Wheels will be the hardest part of this car and the paint match will be a killer as there is nothing out there like RAYS SE37 W.
Ahh the dremmel will get a work out.