Sunday, 30 March 2008

Yahaa! Yahaa!

Aragosta Coil Overs IN
Cusco Veranza Bars ON
Diff and Mission Oil Change.
Defi Oil Meters Installed.

Almost go. It's low. It's hard. I'll need to adjust the dampers after a bit more driving.

I'll try and get my new tyre sorted very soon. But it's all go.

Friday, 28 March 2008


My ATC Shift Knob arrived today. It is tasty leather and Suede with blue stitching that complements the Nardi wheel well. It has two types of bottoms for it, a chrome one and a black one. I fitted the black one which works well. It should also suit my new stereo when it arrives.
The new knob mounts without the thread and allen keys are used for securing it.

Which is lucky because we were fitting it, during the process the old Veilside POS decided to bind iteslf to the stalk. So we ended up snapping the shifter thread and totally butchering the Veilside knob with a big clamp. The only thing I could salvage was the gear change logo which I will fit with to the console.


New Neova

My current rear tire has a nice little bubbly bulge on the inner sidewall and the hole in it after my puncture so I decided to lash out on a new rear. Just a pity because the tread was still 99%.


Flexy Flexy

My Cusco Veranza Stabilizer bars arrived today.

Front spec is 32mm and the rear is 18mm.

They are still in their wrapping, but are a nice royal blue colour. They will be fitted on Sunday along with my Aragosta suspension snd an oil change. Almost ready for a drive.


Sunday, 23 March 2008


I have had my defi guages for some time, but installation has been troubled. The Control unit I had was damaged upon removal from another car, so I finally lashed out on a new one.

I am going to try the conversion for the dash to look the same... stay tuned for a DIY guide to that.


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

VS-One engine brace.

My new damper? Not really. Solid Brace... more like it!

These things actually look like real braces, this VS-One brace is really just a solid brace thats made to look good.

As far as feeling goes... It makes a huge difference. the car actually feels tighter and more responsive without the engine floating around on the rubber mounts.

Time will tell if it saves the PPF or Mounts them selves, but it feels a lot different. Thumbs UP!


Thursday, 13 March 2008

Aragosta Shocking!

On my list for a long time has been some decent coil overs.

After a lot of research and weighing of options, I chose these Aragosta coil-over shock absorbers in standard form. The "Standard" model with a suitable spring rate will be good for my application or fast mountain driving and some non-competitive track use. Aragosta are recommended by Knight Sports, Top Secret Japan and Newera.

Front spring rate is 10.3 kg, 7.8 kg rear which will help the car bite nicely.

The main features of these shocks are :

All aluminium casing for ultra light weight. This has also been beautifully anodised in a gold finish. Full length threaded cartridge for ride height adjustment independant of springs adjustment. 12 stage adjustable damping rate for different driving conditions.
Pillow Ball upper mounts for exacting geometry changes. Construction features 50mm Aluminium Cartridge, 14mm Chrome shaft for strength and low friction and a 46mm Piston for high speed movement and damping balance. Design is also good for larger wheels where clearance is an issue.
I am also adding some Cusco anti-roll / sway bars front and rear to aid in body roll management.
Sizes are 32 and 18 which are an increase over normal and in-line with almost all manufacturers.

The next thing that will tighten things up is an Okuyama tri point tower bar. This has been rebranded for use by Auto-exe and RE-Amemiya in the past. This bar has a few features including a brake cylinder stopper thats built in and bolts to the firewall for structural support.

I'm also adding an engine damper to prevent the engine mounts from destroying themselves. It will be a tight fit with the bar, but the tight fit is possible.
Some other items to finish the interior. A new Defi control unit for the BFs and an ATC Suede gear knob
Just been ordered so I can't wait to get them, put them on and go for a long drive.


Thursday, 6 March 2008

Mongolian Cloud

Dust has been blowing in from the mongolian desert to Japan. My car is filthy! Wash me please!
Washed but still filthy... haha.