Wednesday, 27 June 2007

4 or 6 Eyes!

Ordered the RE-Amemiya Sleek Light Kit today with clear covers and H11 Bulbs like those above.

I didn't want to do this just yet, but I thought its better to sort the body cutting and painting all at once. I wish I had the cash though to get the bonnet but that will have to wait for some time.

They should arrive soon and the installation can begin before the fenders and bumper go back on.
I'll probably change the light globes in the driving lamps to remove the orange tinge also.. later...

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


The colour of money? Green with envy. Kermit the Frog, It's not easy being green.

The Hulk, Shrek I II and III, Green as in sick, Ecology, save the trees and anything else.

Get it out of your system now because the Green Machine is coming.

Paint should start end of this or early next week.

Mazda Mx5 Metallic Green. Similar to Jaguar Racing Green. hard to tell with the flash on.

The car has been pulled apart the rear hatch is off also so the sills can be painted properly.


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Who makes the sexiest mirrors of all? Craft Square of course. Check out these little beauties. They weigh about 300grams each. The backing plate is cast alloy and then polished to a super nice finsh and the carbon section is thin and gorgeous.
Ordered through Newera 29May and Craft Square delivered within Two weeks. Pretty fast for custom made items.
They make you go a bit mad though. Always looking for ways to increase visibility... I though about installing them on myself, instead of the car. But then I thought, that's just silly.


Monday, 11 June 2007

Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

Notice anything missing....?

The car is now progressing to near final panel preparation for painting. Most of the holes are now smoothed, except doors where the mirrors will be. the other panels are in final preparation mode. I might take this opportunity to do some mechanicals. Radiator change... hmm.


ps. It's the antenna hole that's Gorwne! (gone)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Body Update

Front bumper lines... I would love to have a set of RE-Sleek Lights and RE- 9 bonnet to install right now as the panel lines may be different, but as money restrictions go, I'll have to wait for this and the bonnet. I hope the panel lines of the RE-A Sleek Lights aren't too different to standard.

The AutoEXE wing is ready to mount. Currently just sitting on the car, although holes are drilled and its almost ready to be painted. Should finish the car off nicely.

Holes are filled. Rear wing holes, aerial and door mirrors. Side and door panels have aslo had the bumpy stone resistant surface removed. I have Feed carbon skirts so that isn't required. It's looking pretty smooth.

Friday, 1 June 2007

AutoExe Wing

My wing has arrived!

Stay tuned for pics on Tuesday as thats the first chance I will get to go to the body shop.

Also side winkers are here. Yip Yop Yip Yop Yip Yop Yip Yop ;)

Speedy service as usual from Newera in Japan with a 2 day turnaround.
Japanese companies know about service and supply is very good.

Craft Square will take a while though cause everything is custom made.