Wednesday, 18 July 2007

I see the light, but not the end of the tunnel.

Today the RE-Amemiya lights showed up. RE-Amemiya took their sweet time delivering these so the car has been waiting around in prep form. 2 weeks after from their promised delivery.

This has delayed work on the car and the shop is now pretty busy so there will be a bit more time. In some ways it's good because the primer and filler will have cured properly by now, but it in most ways it's bad because I wont have the car back when I expected. But I would rather have the job done perfect than exactly on time.

I also ordered the RE-Amemiya AD Hood 9 in Carbon and their expected delivery date is the End of August, so I guess thats my new finish date with the new rad, clutch and gauges fully installed, suspension aligned and sorted. If it takes longer, I will have to VENT on someone... get it? haha.

Anyway, lets hope all goes smoothly, then i can go for a long drive.


Tuesday, 10 July 2007

7's Day sCHOPping

After 7's day there are always things you want to change as it's like a big parts supermarket full of ideas. But actually this seven's day has confirmed my plan for the car. I found a few pics I could mash together to get another ideo of what it will look like.

I tinkered with the idea of the Feed bonnet, but as it would make the car look long in the nose, in the end the RE-A Greddy 9 Hood still took the favour.
It will be on its way soon.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Titanium Knights!

Here is a very nice item that will be added as a finishing touch. These Knight Sports number plate bolts are titanium finshed with a heat treatment that has the full colour spectrum.

They will finish the car off very nicely indeed. Hard to notice, but true fans will appreciate these small touches. Big thanks to Miguel for picking up these tasty little items.