Friday, 27 August 2010

Dino's full Photo Shoot

I found some more pics from dino's shoot on my hard drive. So I was doing a little bit of dreaming about my old FD.
Simply perfect.
I really poured a lot of money and effort into RE-Xtreme Ver II. Even with access to discounted parts, they totalled over 3.5Million Yen making it a pretty expensive machine.
That said, It still made it about 3x cheaper than building a similar car in Australia.

MX5 Highland Green. One of the few times it was captured on film in it's reality.

I think the only thing left to do was add a diffuser. Just for balance. The rear valance was removed in preparation.

Pan speed piping dominated the engine bay. Well designed piping but probably not the best place for a super thick intercooler.

Nardi was from a car featured in "the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift" movies.

New owner, Macer's addition of Bride Stradia! Awesome. Raw alloy and carbon was a nice touch to complement the other compnents on the car.

Defi's mounted simply on an alloy bar to complement the gauge rims. Water temp on the other side of the dash.

Advan RS. 18x10J +22. I'd choose rays if I had to do it again though. For a couple of reasons.

You can see in this shot the car usually looks almost black. I'm glad I chose silver rims rather than gold.

This was a purpose built Street car and therefore had a real pressence!
Most pedestrians saw the below view. As it flashed by and they wondered what car was that?
The front RE-Amemiya Facer 9 was kind of a stolen design from the last evolution of the Mitsubishi GTO with the addition of the splitter built in. I still think it's the best but I know others hate it.
I'm still yet to see another with the same combo. It truely is a one off.

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